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Pro-Tech Replacement and Premium Upgrade Parts

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The best in the industry
Wear Shoes
Pro-Tech wear shoes are manufactured using the highest quality material, which is designed with metallurgical properties conducive to our unique hardening process. This process guarantees the highest level of hardness of a standard shoe in the industry. Our abrasion resistant shoes are through hardened unlike competitors which are surface hardened leaving soft steel only after a small fraction of the steel is worn

  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Through hardened
  • Provides long life
Pro-Tech's XTR rubber is manufactured from a special extrusion process that demands the use of the highest quality ingredients, which always yields a consistent product. It has a proprietary formulated tensile strength and durometer that is specially engineered for the Pro-Tech Sno Pusher.

  • Formulated specially for Sno Pusher use
  • Flexible, resilient
  • Excellent squeegee characteristics
  • Provides long life

Make sure you use Pro-Tech hardware for all shoes & rubber

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Super Duty Shoe
The Super Duty is significantly harder than our standard shoes. In fact our Super Duty shoe is made of the same material used in armored vehicles. The web of the shoe which is used for mounting is significantly thicker than the web of most competitor’s wear shoes and is fully welded. The Super Duty Shoe can have a life 4 times longer than other wear shoes and is the ideal choice for any contractor that demands a lot from their pusher.

  • Made with the hardest AR plate in the industry
  • Provides the highest wear characteristics and longest life
  • Over 4 times the life of any other wear shoe
Pro-Tech’s Ultra High Molecular Weight or UHMW Shoe is the perfect shoe for sensitive surfaces. It is perfect for applications where a steel bottomed shoe will damage the plowing surface. The slippery surface of the shoe is designed to minimize friction and is just as strong as a standard shoe, but eliminates the chance of having to pay for a damaged surface. In addition the chemical resistant material on the bottom of the shoe can withstand damage done by salt to most shoes over time.

  • This shoe has a polycarbonate, pad bolted on to the bottom of it
  • Great in applications where a steel bottomed shoe will damage your plowing surface
Extended or Self Leveling Shoe
  • This shoe style extends off the back end of the Pusher by 16" 
  • Keeps the pusher level and balanced, creating an even amount of pressure throughout the whole length of the shoe
  • This eliminates excess down pressure on the back of the shoe
  • Increased surface area actually increases the lifespan of the shoe

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Level Gauge
  • This handy tool attaches to the Sno Pusher and lets the operator know that the unit is level, to optimize snow removal
  • Save dollars on wear shoe replacement by avoiding uneven wear on Sno Pushers


Binder Kits
  • Come with heavy duty transport chain, hooks, binders
  • Quick attach system with binder kit safer than direct connect. Sudden impact to a Sno Pusher will break binder kit chain, instead of loader arms on a direct connection.